Yeshua is coming back! Are you ready?

Yeshua is coming back! Are you ready?
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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Package Design in the Graphic Design Field

Teresa Carr
GRAPH450-1104B-01 Package Design
October 5, 2011

When working with packaging design you can't separate graphic design from it really. Graphic design works with packaging design to appeal to the buyer. Being a graphic designer it would be essential to design packaging. There's no getting around it. What fascinates me about packaging design is the 3D form with the graphics that wrap around to create a sellable product. Some of the design have an art form that is attractive. That's why it needs to sell. The one thing about packaging that it's a different breed where the designer can take their innovative creations to a different level. The links below has some really eye popping examples of how packaging can inspire. [References]

The designer's idea is to encourage potential buyers to purchase a product. How smart can you be in creating a package with type, color, and strategically placed images along with type that is appealing and at the same time durable, safe, and functional until used? Some of the new innovative design is using less packaging, less waste, and less material. The idea is to design a minimal, economical product to get the message out of why you need that product. Can you sell a beverage or a frozen pizza? When you go down a cereal aisle in the grocery store or walk through the department store and see endless packaging of products large and small you see graphics galore. Some packaging is designed with quality and less type to clutter. What attract your eye most other than the brand? Is it the unique package the product is placed in? Just by examining the various types of products and the eye candy that stimulates your eyes and senses. (Mecado) There is always going to be a package that can be sold over the others. Popular, well-known companies tend to lean towards minimalistic design.

The importance of packaging design is to communicate to the consumer. The importance of branding is just as much because if you're familiar with the name of a product the customer is most likely to buy it. These are at least two of the most important keys for a graphic designer to keep in mind being communication and branding. This is the main purpose of successful packaging design. Another concern that a graphic designer need to take in consideration is the approach and the method of what market you are going to target and the demographics. For example, if you were designing for Indian food cuisine line to market in Nepal one needs to study that market and how it would appeal to the consumers there. You also need to consider how likely is the consumer going to buy the product. Research is important to a designer as to the consumers visual aesthetics in a large segment than over the small segment of consumer who look for the product details on the label. Originality and value provide very important information to help marketers maximize the promotion of the product package impact to the buyer.

So what does all this mean to the graphic designer that is needed in the process of creating packaging design. It's more than you know. It mainly deals with the right packaging and fresh idea that is in the niche of the graphic designer and his or her direct approach to a successful product marketing. Successful graphic design is the primary process to which packaging begins. The other thing to consider is the materials that will be manufactured and used to present the designed product. It's from the initial idea of the designer to the shelf in the store makes packaging design what it is. The importance of the graphic designer is the survival of the package design and the business of product sales. Without the design process where would packaging and our society be like. Pretty dull, huh? Let's not forget efficiencies that will complete the whole process that provide better product and improve the way we live. This begins through the ideation and concept development with specification drawings and customizing through illustration and 3D rendering of how the new product will look and feel. More important is the logo and branding and other design elements that will be used in the process of package completion. Graphic design is a big part of packaging and is here to stay.


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